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Main » 2010 » September » 29 » In Info Category has been added October finder Chart and Ephemeris for Comet Hartley 2
In Info Category has been added October finder Chart and Ephemeris for Comet Hartley 2
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1 Steve   (2012.07.18 08:15) [Material]
life. life is how it is, how you make it.. from one day to the next.. it is there all around you.. seenig feeling breathing even tasting.. you are alive, alive today and very fortunate by coming into this world evolving from the jeans passed on through out your ancestral blood line from that day one. your are here now on this earth that we share together, we are all one! were all here to survive and to reproduce evolve evolve from our roots that have given us our chance at life and our time is now.. Life is a journey.. make the best of it.. give your life a meaning.. and love those around you, give that helping hand.. be there for each other.. strongly.. because what lies ahead next.. is what you've made it to be.. life is no joke, life is a gift.. and very precious enjoy life the best you can through out your ages in time.. as we are destined to wither away as everyone else in our historical past.. give life! and give life to others you have that gift, that gift in you and that's what makes you very special.. were all individuals from here and there and way over there.. we all have the same heart.. What lies up ahead in whatever way it can be raining cows or the attack of whatever out there.. as long as we are all together.. that's how we survive! and if we are judged at the end, make sure that you have done the best that you could, done your good deeds and that you have one heck of a good heart! peace be with you.. Enjoy Life, have fun.. party on dude!

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